Plain Text Transmissions

This site is a partial collection of things I've written, projects I've worked on, translations I've made and pictures I've taken. It is, in short, my place to share things I find interesting with you. I have spent a considerable amount of time living in different parts of the world and currently call Raleigh, North Carolina home.

In the past I've studied music, appeared in a Shanghainese TV comedy, and worked in a few software companies. I enjoy mountains and lakes, places where it's easy to get lost and find something new or to find a new angle from which to look at something you've seen a million times before. I primarily make software now, though I'm looking forward to a day when our ability to obtain information does not require us to peer into tiny screens to do it. I would like to see us filter out the tidal wave of digital distractions from the promise of the net--nothing is more motivating than the fact that all of humankind's accumulated knowledge is available on the web.

In general, I'd like to help contribute to a world that is less about what you own and more about how you think, where basic security is guaranteed so you can excel in doing what you love doing, where people with different viewpoints can have a dialog and it's okay to change one's mind when persuaded through reasonable argument.